Turns out, we’re still funny far apart….

It’s weird times, but the connections, creativity and friendships at the root of Improv have never been more important. Our classes are online and outside in small, masked groups to maintain safety. Sure, we miss the theater, but the discoveries we’ve made and the small creative communities that have formed during this time have been extraordinary.

Below, find the style of class that works best for you. Click the link to find sections organized by age, experience and interests.

Online Classes

Perhaps the happiest discovery we’ve made in the past few months is that online classes are awesome. ExAb Online is high energy, fully participatory and downright hilarious. Learn more here.

Outdoor Classes

Socially distanced, outdoor classes where performers move freely and safely. The company of peers and the joys of an in person performing arts experience done safely. Learn more here.

Pod Classes

Pods are small groups of children or teens who meet regularly to learn and socialize together. ExAb Pod Classes are organized in 7 week blocks and take place at a designated outdoor or onsite location. Details here.

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