A weekly Improv class for LGBTQ+ tweens and teens ready dive into Improv Comedy. Serious comedy creation in a supportive, collaborative environment. Open to all tweens and teens who identify as or are supporters of Queer youth.

Alphabet Improv

For Tween/Teen LGBYTQ+ and Allies. Multi Level. Sundays, September 11 – Oct. 30. 1 to 2 pm. $145

Troupe AUditions

For Tween/Teen LGBYTQ+ and Allies. Auditions at Fallout, Sunday, Oct. 30 at noon. RSVP to attend.

Let’s face it, walking into an Improv class for the first time is intimidating for most people. For LGBTQ+ youth there is the added pressure of navigating a new space where they may feel unsure about how they will be received. ExAb strives to make all of our classes and camps inclusive, and our intention with this class is to build a space for creation and collaboration that specifically serves this group.

Students are invited (but not required) to perform at our monthly all-ages show, ExAb Night, on Sunday, October 2 at 5 pm. The showcase performance for this session (September 11 – October 30), will be held at The Fallout Theater on Sunday, October 30 at noon. Both shows are open to friends and family.

Though a second session is possible, we currently plan to switch to a troupe model in November and work toward creating a specific show for performance in Spring 2023.

Audition/Info meeting takes place Sunday, Oct. 30 at noon. This troupe is by audition or invitation and will begin rehearsals in November. Coaching Fee TBD