Onsite, In Person Camps

Masked, Inside and Outside at the Spider House Ballroom

(Not ready for indoors? Link to Camps in Windsor Park)

Organized by age, experience and focus, each camp is a unique experience created to facilitate learning, creativity and collaboration. (And jokes, obviously. So many jokes.)

Still funny in a mask.

Indoor Camps at Spider House

Summer 2021 features two camps at The Spider House Ballroom.

Excused Absence held several camps at Spider House during Summer 2020 and loved the open space, indoor and outdoor stages, access to sound and light for performance and the cool, casual atmosphere that made us feel very at home. The Ballroom was recently refurbished and promises to be a great space for Improv.

  • Campers grouped into Early & Late Elementary, Tween & Teen
  • Air Conditioning!
  • Camp showcases held Fridays at 3.
  • Masked & Socially Distanced.

Outdoor Camps in Windsor Park

Early morning Improv Camps for Kids ready to get outside and make things up.

This summer, we offer six weeks of daily, outdoor Improv at the Windsor Park home of ExAb Director Kristin Henn. Classes are held in the front & back yards and under the carport as needed. We’ve been holding classes and camps here for almost a year and feel great about our ability to create a safe, comfortable space for learning and creating.

  • Outdoor camps are composed of small groups and are organized by age.
  • These camps can be taken on their own or combined with afternoon, online camps. It is possible to add the online portion at a later time if spots are available.
  • Camps are scheduled from 9 am to 11 am, Monday through Friday.
  • Students must wear a mask and remain distanced from one another.
  • Camp begins with a check in followed by Improv Warm ups and exercises to emphasize the day’s lesson.
  • Water breaks are encouraged throughout, but we will take a 10 minute break specifically for resting, checking sunscreen needs and drinking at the one hour mark.
  • The second part of the morning will incorporate the Improv tools we are building into games for performance, short scenes and storytelling.
  • $145