This summer, we are excited to launch our first week long, online camps. Organized by age, experience and focus, each camp is a unique experience created to facilitate learning, creativity and collaboration. (And jokes, obviously. So many jokes.)

The following list reflects our current plan for the upcoming summer months. We will update and improve as we learn what to expect. We welcome your feedback and ask for your patience as we chart this new frontier!

General Online Camp Information

  • Online camps meet via Zoom.
  • Campers will log in each morning from 10:00 to 10:30 for a brief check in and to go over online specific content for the day.
  • They will be asked to return from 11 am to Noon for class and to receive the day’s assignment.
  • Campers have the option to remain logged in to collaborate or chat with fellow campers. This has proven very popular with our more social campers.
  • The final meeting for the day will be 2:30 to 3:30 to share work and to build on curricular goals.

Click the Camp Title for Details & Registration

Divided into groups by age. Online with option for socially distanced early morning classes. A note: At this time, no one has registered for the outdoor class, so we are switching to online only. Contact us if you still want the outdoor option and we can make it happen!

Aug. 3 – 9 ExAb TV

Ages 8 to 12 and Mature 11 to 18. Hybrid Camp: Online, in conjunction with onsite camp