Full Volume Funny.

Multi-Day Improv Camps in the Open Air

Organized by age, experience and focus, each camp is a unique experience created to facilitate learning, creativity and collaboration. (And jokes, obviously. So many jokes.)

Outdoor camps are three to five days of daily, 2 hour classes that take place in the Windsor Park yard of ExAb Director Kristin Henn.

Spring Break: Five Days of Funny.

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Check back soon for summer camp dates. Feel free to reach out with suggestions & questions.

Ages 5 to 9

Improv Outside Camp, ages 5 to 7
Outside voices for outside characters. Date TBD.

Improv Outside, ages 7 to 9
High energy creation and connection. Date TBD.

Tweens & Teens

Improv Outside, ages 9 to 12
Socially distant, comedically close. Date TBD.

Improv Outside, ages 12 and Up
Guaranteed human contact. Date TBD.

Location: Some camps will take place in the Windsor Park yard of ExAb Director Kristin Henn. We are still trying to secure a location for full day, onsite camps.

Ages: Camps are organized by ages. Check the listings for the appropriate section.

Hours: 5 Day Spring and Summer Camps full and half day.


To be regularly updated with ongoing attention to events and recommendations

  • Camps will be limited to between 6 and 8 students.
  • Only campers & camp staff may enter the performance area during camp.
  • Social distancing and mask wearing will be enforced.

Choosing the right camp for your child: Though suggested ages are listed for each class, we are all more than just the sum of our experience. If the age group or level you enroll your child in isn’t a good match, switching sections is often an option. Feel free to contact us at 512 809 0017 or moveyourtale@gmail.com if you have questions or concerns.

Trouble registering? Contact us directly at moveyourtale@gmail.com or 512 809 0017. Thanks!