Excused Absence Comedy offers Outdoor Classes for kids, Teens, Families & More

Improv at full volume

About Outdoor Classes

  • Students and staff must wear masks.
  • Social distance must be maintained throughout class. Exceptions for Siblings and Pods/Friends can be made as needed in regard to one another.
  • Classes have a maximum of 6 students and are taught by a single faculty member.
  • Students who show signs of illness or who have been exposed to illness are respectfully asked not to attend.
  • Parents & siblings are welcome to stay and watch, but are asked to keep at a distance both for safety and to prevent distraction .
  • Most classes meet 6 times with a 7th, bonus week scheduled for missed classes/extra time together, etc.
  • Unless otherwise indicated, outdoor classes meet in the Windsor Park yard of ExAb Director Kristin Henn.

Don’t see the day or time you need? Contact us about creating a pod class!

Improv Outside, ages 5 to 7
Improv at full volume. This class will be back in the Fall!

Improv Outside, ages 10 to 12
Socially distant, comedically close. Next session meets Saturdays, 11:30 to 1:00 beginning April 3. $165 Description & Registration.

Improv Outside, ages 7 to 9
High energy creation & collaboration. Next session meets Saturdays, 10 to 11 am beginning April 10. $145 Description & Registration.

Improv Outside, Teens
Focus on the Funny. Saturdays, 3 pm. Next session begins April 3. $145. Description & Registration.

Family & Adult Classes

Improv Outside for Parents & PreSchoolers
Instant stories. For caregivers and children ages 3 & 4. Tuesdays, 3 to 4, Feb. 9. $145 per pair. Meets 5 times. Description & Registration.

Improv Outside for Families with Kids ages 5 & Up
Be funny together. Mondays, 5 pm, session begins March 1. Meets 5 times, including performance. $145 per adult/child pair. Description & Registration.

Improv Outside for Families with Big Kids
Seriously though, you guys are hilarious. Times & Dates TBA. $145 Description & Registration.

Improv Outside for Parents & Caregivers
Flexible thinking and a “yes, and” perspective. Times & Dates TBD. $145 Description & Registration.

Why is there overlap in age grouping?

Good question! We are all more than the sum of our years and we want to make sure that students feel comfortable in the group they’ve joined. High energy kid with a burning desire to be heard? Go younger. Focused kid with an ability to share time? Go older. It’s going to be awesome either way, we promise.

Don’t see the day or time you are looking for?

Contact us at exabimprov@gmail.com or call us at 512 809 0017. We are happy to create new sections and learning pods as needed.