Spilled Milk Social Club is a kids program in Austin, Texas that provides camps, after school activities and events that embrace this city’s creative and individualistic spirit. We love these guys and appreciate that, like our home theater, they have a commitment to keeping it fun, positive and a little bit punk rock.775703_199291470217668_1255317008_o

In 2017, we had the chance to work with them in multiple capacities.

Prior to the summer camp season, we brought an educator training workshop to their home location. This two hour workshop began with an introduction to basic improv concepts, then provided participants with specific tools for engaging, supporting and redirecting students. We then spent time addressing specific concerns and workshopping responses using improv tools.

During the summer, we invited their students to join us at ColdTowne for a 45 minute show, a 40 minute class and a follow up showcase, wherein the students performed for peers.

We also had the opportunity to visit them at their school to perform an interactive improv show for campers on their very cool little stage. It was great to perform for them, but also a real pleasure to check back in with the teaching staff we’d worked with earlier to see how they were incorporating improv into the classroom.