Sure, Improv is funny. But there’s so much more to it than laughter.

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I realized that improv isn’t about creating conflict or being the center of attention. It’s creating characters then establishing their relationships and getting the humor from that. I hadn’t understood that before. But now I get that it’s not just true in comedy, but also in life. – Teen Student

The people, the energy, feeling like we were layering on more ideas each week. I was scared to try it, but now I really love this. – Teen Student

As soon as I get here, I just feel happier. I think these are my people. – 10 year old student

I am a snowbird from Ithaca, NY, who is heading home soon. I spend the past 2 months in Kristin’s Wednesday afternoon Level 1 Improv class. What a joy!!! I learned a ton and pushed myself and had loads of fun. Thank you for creating such a vibrant improv community and welcoming me in.
If I were staying in Austin, I would be signed up for Level 2. Instead I will pine for next winter when I will head back to Austin and will sign up for a class then. Ithaca has a fledgling improv community and I will plan to keep my toes in the water in the meantime. -Level 1 CT Student

If you are looking for a super fun winter break camp for your kiddo(s), Excused Absence is bonkerballs delightful and so much fun! We totally recommend this camp for all kiddos, regardless of experience or stage comfort level. -Parent of Elementary School Student

This is the first camp my daughter has attended since the pandemic began and she has had so much fun. She comes home and teaches us the games and character exercises you do each day. It’s been great for all of us to know she’s feeling so confident about what she’s learning. – Parent of Early Elementary School Camper


“I wanted to send a thank you on behalf of Perez Elementary to you & your team for sharing the your program with us these past couple of days. Especially after the hardships many of our students/staff faced last week, it was a much-needed time to laugh and have some interactive fun. Y’all have really figured out how to keep the momentum flowing, even on zoom. Not only that, but you masterfully guided students in processing the events of last week in a positive way. Thank you all so much for the energy and creativity you shared with us!” – Perez Elementary School Librarian

I left the ExAb Showcase before I gave you a BIG HUG and my unending gratitude for this amazing program you have created. THESE KIDS ARE FREAKING GENIUSES!!! The comedic timing, the effortless tagouts, the innovation, the sheer courage to dive into new forms, the camaraderie, the creativity…ALL THE GOOD THINGS MY KIDS NEED, they get from improv and I am forever indebted to you…..THANK YOU FOR MAKING AN AMAZING THING!!!!! -ExAb Parent

Have your kids experienced Move Your Tale’s What’s the Story Steve? yet? If not, they should, and I’ll tell you why. Think back for a moment to the fun of huddling with friends around one of those little Mad Libs tablets in your youth. Now add a stage, six adult improvisors, and a theater full of kids with rich imaginations. Sometimes a comedic masterpiece unfolds before your eyes. Other times it’s simply a whole lot of silliness. You can never predict the outcome but you know, reliably, that it’s going to be a great time every time. What’s the Story Steve? is a lot like that…

The first time my family ventured to ColdTowne Theater for the Saturday morning show, it was at the urging of our friend, Chris, who happens to be one of the adult improvisors. My then five-year-old son was initially overwhelmed by the whole scene: unfamiliar locale, dark room, new people. Not even Chris’ familiar face on the stage could prompt him to volunteer his ideas for the show. It became clear that several audience members were regulars, waggling their hands eagerly and being called on by name. 

As things really got rolling, though, Kristin Henn — emcee, improv guru and founder of Move Your Tale — made a point of reaching out to the less vocal kids in the audience. And then it happened. She looked directly at my son, who was sitting on his hands, or maybe even using them to hide his face, and asked him to contribute the name of a city. He blushed. He squirmed. And, finally, after the crickets stopped chirping, he mumbled, “I dunno.” And here’s where the collaborative storytelling magic happened…Kristin and her team worked that “I dunno” into the show as if it were the most brilliant answer they’d ever heard. My son relaxed the instant he realized he was in an environment where any answer would be the right answer and, just like that, he was hooked on improv. By the end of the show, he was on stage doing his best impersonation of a broken water pipe in the newly constructed palace of Her Royal Highness the Queen of I Dunno.

Magic, I tell you.

In the course of attending WTSS? and these camps he’s gained self assurance, an improved sense of comedic timing, and some much-needed help discerning what’s funny and what’s not (though that’s still a work in progress). He’s participated in both long form and short form improv. He’s learned some great games (Alien Interview, anyone?). He’s gotten a bit of experience in costume design and prop management. He’s shared the stage with some incredibly entertaining and supportive adult improvisors, as well as some super talented kiddos. Most valuably, my super-imaginative little guy has learned that creativity doesn’t have to be a solo endeavor.


I just wanted to say thank you for an interesting, fun, worthwhile program on Saturday.  I think you did a great job of gently leading the group from being strangers in a room to seeing ourselves as common members of the human tribe who can offer each other support through creative play.   By the end it seemed you had even begun to win over —-, which was no small thing!  The way you incorporated some discussion among the participants about the broader application of the skills you introduced was deftly handled.  The comment from the woman who said she now understood her annoying co-worker better brought that home to me.  Thank you so much for making mental health support fun! -Librarian following Improv for Resilience Workshop

Great teacher. Great group. Kristin knew how to nourish the inspiration, connect with the students in more personal way, and recognized when we were having a learning experience even if it ran off course from the lesson (though she was always able to bring the two back together again)! – Workshop Participant

This workshop helped me relinquish control, push through uncomfortable moments, trust in myself and others, and encourage me to be silly and have fun. I also enjoyed the lack of judgement and ample patience and support everyone seemingly had for each other throughout. I honestly believe our workgroup will be better communicators and a stronger team as a result of this experience. – Workshop Participant

Thank you so much for entertaining us! Everyone was super nervous beforehand, but the short class at the start put everyone on the same page and the “Performance” we did after was hilarious. It was a unique opportunity for our team to see the hidden talents of other members. We will probably talk about it forever! – Private Event Participant

I wanted to follow up on our consultation with a thank you! The time you spent speaking with us about our group’s needs and the thoughtful responses and suggestions you provided have already been implemented in several ways and the difference is obvious! Thank you for listening to our needs and, in turn, providing us with tools to become better listeners! – Consultation Client

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