Excused Absence brings shows and workshops to libraries, schools and events in Austin and throughout Texas.


Improv. Everything you need is already there… 

Excused Absence Comedy has been making audiences of all ages laugh since 2007. Formerly known as Move Your Tale, our high energy, interactive comedy invites audiences and workshop attendees to see their ideas supported and brought to life onstage and in the classroom. Engaging and entertaining, our 50 minute shows and 1 – 3 hour workshops empower audiences and participants to feel confident about sharing ideas and flexible about the outcomes. 

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Each event is designed to suit the size and make up of individual groups. Shows for young audiences and families include high energy group participation. Shows for teens and seniors may rely more on wordplay and individual audience volunteers. Our classic show format builds on audience suggestions, while tailored shows emphasize themes suggested by presenters. Workshops provide opportunities to find the funny in what’s already there by providing tools for being a better listener, cultivating a flexible mindset and fostering teamwork. Audiences large and small will find that our professional comics and teaching artists are adept at not just making people laugh, but at inviting you to listen and say “Yes, And” to the world. Cast size varies.

Why Improv?
First and foremost, it’s fun to watch and fun to take part in. But there’s more to it than that. It’s a unique approach to theatre that is spontaneous, supportive and fosters a flexible mind set. Audience participation in shows varies based on the format and the presenter’s requests, but can be highly interactive and empowering. Workshops stress developing the ability to listen and collaborate, encouraging participants to embrace what’s in front of them and to support each other as we communicate and create. But seriously, it’s also really fun.
Audience Size and Make Up
ExAb Tourco is adept at creating programs for a wide variety of audiences. The nature of improv lends itself to a flexible performance style, and we are just as happy to perform for a group of 300 and we are for a group of 10.
Workshops can have as few as 5 participants or as many as 100. Obviously, the content varies based on group size, age and the goal of our hosts. Take a look at some of our past shows and workshops for a sense of how our audiences vary.
Cast and Teaching Artists
We are incredibly lucky to have a large talent pool at ColdTowne Theater and from the larger Austin Improv community. Our core performer and teaching group is comprised of a diverse group of well trained and talented comics who frequently appear in some of Austin’s most prestigious comedy projects. Read about them here.
Excused Absence has been awarded a Fine Arts & Creative Learning Partnership contract with the Austin Independent School District. As an approved vendor, we easily serve schools in the Austin area.

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