Class & Camp Showcases

At the end of most classes and camps, we invite friends and family to join us for a low-pressure performance. Details below!

Showcase F.A.Q.’s

While we will provide details about individual class showcases to families, below are general guidelines that help performers know what to expect.

  • With occasional exceptions, class showcases do not require tickets. Bring your friends and family!
  • Unless we receive a special request from a performer, photography is allowed.
  • In general, regular classes take place on performance days in addition to showcases.
  • Is your student’s showcase not directly after their class or camp? Performers should be onsite for warmups and check-in 20 minutes prior to show time. We will let you know if this applies to your performer.
  • No ExAb show is a test of anyone’s abilities or talent. They are 100% just for fun and we encourage both performers and audience members to take part with a sense of supportive adventure!
  • While our priority is providing participants with a positive, supportive performance experience, we run these shows as professionally as possible. We ask that audience members arrive and time and stay for the full length of the show.