ExAb Presents: Improm and Graduation

On May 22, 2022 Excused Absence held our first official graduation and inaugural Improm. After a fantastic and hilarious show, we honored a group of graduating seniors who have spent many years as ExAb students and performers. There were speeches, there were applause, there was genuine pride in their accomplishments and disbelief in the way … Continue reading ExAb Presents: Improm and Graduation

ExAb Fest ’22: Officially Fantastic!

ExAb Fest '22 took place on Sunday, April 3 at fallout Theater in downtown Austin, Texas. For details about ExAb Fest '23, check out the festival website. Our 7th festival, this year featured 20 shows that ran back to back, marathon style, over the course of the day. A dedicated team of teen volunteers ran … Continue reading ExAb Fest ’22: Officially Fantastic!