Live Improv Comedy Shows for Kids and their Adults

High Energy, Interactive Theatre for the Whole Family

Excuse Absence at ColdTowne Theater is delighted to announce the return of our Saturday Morning Family Shows!

Join us Saturday February 11th for the debut of our first post-pandemic show. Tickets go on sale February 1.

Where: ColdTowne Theater, located at 1700 East Second Street in Austin, Texas

When: Beginning mid-February, most Saturday Mornings, 11 am to Noon

Who: Performed by a cast of fantastic adult improvisers for an audience of children and adults.

How: Tickets will go on sale here when available.

Akin to traditional Children’s Theatre, these shows invite kids and their adults to experience live theater in an immersive, joyful way. (We promise it’s funny for adults too). Volunteer to take part or enjoy from your seat in the audience. It’s a blast either way.

From November 2011 until March 2020, Saturday mornings at ColdTowne Theater were dedicated to performing live comedy shows crafted for kids and their adults. As we launch our first post-pandemic family series, we can’t help but look back on all of the great shows of the past. Here are some examples of those shows and a few reviews from people who attended.

What’s the Story Steve

Our original Family Series show premiered in November of 2011. Featuring a real poodle named Steve, the show was originally framed as an improvised version of the PBS kids’ show What’s the Story WishBone. Over the years, we created 20 individual formats shaped around our canine star and performed for thousands of kids and families.

Fairy Tale Extras

Steve retired in 2018 and though we missed him, switching to an all-human cast gave us the chance to create more elaborate formats.

Fairy Tale Forensics

Something is amiss in this magical kingdom and it’s up to us to find out why!


From the archives! in 2013 and in 2016

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A short but flattering reference in the Austin Chronicle

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