The Lang Stuttering Institute at UT Austin has been a frequent host of Move Your Tale and Excused Absence Comedy shows and workshops.

Since 2014, we have had the opportunity to perform and teach at their fantastic Camp Dream. Speak. Live., a multi ages youth camp that invites us to create a 45 minute camp-wide, interactive performance based on camper’s in the moment ideas and responses. Following the camp-wide performance, we divide participants up into age groups and conduct hour long, age appropriate improv workshops. Finally, each group returns and performs a short showcase for fellow campers. It’s great fun and we look forward to returning every year.

Over the last year, we have returned to conduct small workshops for a variety of folks connected to the institute. For both adults and youth, these workshops focus on utilizing improv techniques to take risks, celebrate and support ideas without battling the impulse to be perfect and finding the fun in what’s already there.


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