The YMCA has provided Move Your Tale and Excused Absence with opportunities to instruct and perform for thousands of kids, teens and camp staff in Austin.

During the summer of 2016, we hosted performances and workshops at both ColdTowne Theater and at our conservatory space. In 2017 and we really dove in and performed 22 shows for kids and teens. In addition to hosting these groups in our theater and conservatory spaces, we expanded to the auditorium and classrooms of a very accommodating neighborhood school.

We worked with groups ranging from preschool to high school. Events ranged from 1 to 3 hours, some consisting of a single improvised, interactive show or targeted workshop. Others included a combination of workshops, shows and participant showcases.

One of our first shows of 2018 was onsite at a YMCA branch where we worked with a small group of preschoolers and their caregivers. We look forward to many more events with the Y!

In general, these shows stress basic improv principles, such as finding the fun in what’s already there, supporting one another’s ideas, and flexible thinking. However, since the primary purpose of these shows and workshops is to entertain, our cast took the opportunity to play lots of big, physical characters and to follow whatever suggestions the audience provided.

Quick Shout Out: One of our favorite parts of working with the YMCA has been their awesome counselors and admin staff. They work so hard, are so patient and are so much fun. Thanks guys!

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