Over the summer, we hosted improv classes in ExAb Director Kristin Henn’s front yard and in the outdoor performance spaces at the Spider House Ballroom. Did we sweat a whole bunch? Yes! Was it totally worth it? Yes!

As expected, adjustments were needed to keep everyone safe and there were times when we definitely wondered if we might be funnier in an air conditioned classroom… But the fact is, improv is theater that is rooted in its flexibility and thrives when we say yes to the thing that’s already there.

Despite initial concerns and a few loud laments, at the end of every session instructors and students were giddy with laughter and thrilled by their creations. Connections between performers happened just as readily as they had before we wore masks, maybe even more readily as kids eager for in person social interaction listened to one another’s ideas with interest and curiosity. Building a cohesive group of collaborators has never been easier.

Check out our upcoming outdoor classes and take a look at the safety protocols we have adopted. We know it feels risky to go back out there, but the energy we once put into maintaining a theater now goes into creating safe outdoor performing arts experiences. And we have a lot of energy.

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