9C29FA9D-4B12-40AA-8402-72BE4AEDE723Excused Absence is hitting the road this week to be a part of the Del Close Marathon. House troupe “RoundHouse” has been selected to perform in the prestigious marathon hosted by the Upright Citizens Brigade in New York City. The festival features 72 straight hours of improv comedy and over 750 of the best acts from all over the world, and it is a huge honor to be selected! This years marathon will feature some of the most well-known names in the comedy and improv scene, including Amy Phoeler, Bobby Moynihan, Matt Walsh, Ben Swchartz, Matt Besser, and many more.

RoundHouse is an all female teenage troupe that primarily performs longform, grounded improv, intended for audiences of all ages. They’ve been performing together since the Summer of 2016 and have gained a reputation in the Austin community for blowing audiences away.

“This is huge for us,” says troupe member Kallie Cifra, “Being youth improvisers we’IMG_3035re not always taken seriously and often seen as ‘good improvisers, for our age’ but having this under our belt hopefully will cut off the latter end of that statement so we’re viewed just as ‘good improvisers’.”

Being a part of the Del Close Marathon is an amazing opportunity for these young performers, giving them the opportunity to perform on stage in one of the greatest hubs for live theatre in the world, a fact not lost on troupe member Emie Salome. “I am personally most excited about the fact that we’re going to be able to say that we performed on stage in New York City! If we can get selected to perform in the Del Close Marathon now, there’s no telling what we can do in the future!”

If you are in the New York area please come out and show your support! Round House will be performing Saturday, June 30th at 1:30pm and they would love to see some friendly faces in the audience!DSC_8527

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