This week Excused Absence traveled to the Bee Caves Library to prove that not all libraries are quiet!

As part of their “Libraries Rock” summer reading program, the Cast of Excused Absence put on a show about the employees of a magical library, who had to rely on the power of Rock N’ Roll to help save their local library from a swarm of mice. Show highlights included a Dinosaur Fashion Show, a guest appearance from the ghost of Elvis Presley, and a musical recreation of the Pied Piper of Hamelin. This was our first show incorporating a musical instrument, and it really got the kids up and moving!

Big thanks to our cast which included Wendy Salome, Frank Sanchez, Scott Morgan, and as always, Kristin Henn. Also thanks to the staff of Bee Caves Library for inviting us out for a very fun day of interactive improv and to all the kids that came out and joined in the storytelling.




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